Reach WAY more people in your community while saving hours of your time each week.

Get the design kits and coaching you need to grow your church’s outreach.

Canva for Churches Membership

(The monthly coaching will help you stay on top of and champion each season of your church)

Get instant access for just $39 per month

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Designs for social media, series graphics kits, season graphics kits, Mothers Day kit, and so much more.

Reach more people in your community with an effective strategy from church marketing pros. Plus get the professionally designed graphics you need created in Canva.

You’ve thought about hiring a design company

But the cost is too much and you still need great designs for Christmas, Easter, Kids Ministry, Student Ministry. Not to mention each design needs to be resized for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Sunday announcements. 

You’ve thought spending money promoting your church

But you aren’t sure which methods actually work and don’t want to waste money.


You’ve thought about joining a coaching community

But you need practical application not just teaching, and you know there is a better way to not be the best-kept secret in town.


What if you could have every design you need for the entire year, learn strategies from other churches like yours, and save hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars giving more time to the things that matter most… FOR ONLY $38 A MONTH?

(Sign up now and we will take 59% off… that’s only $19 a month)

Sound too good to be true?

Hang tight. We’re about to show you exactly how.

Here’s the deal with growing your church….

If you want to grow your church, you have to STOP using old ineffective methods and start reaching people with new methods. (Not change the message)

That means… You’ll need an effective strategy to show people in your community you have something for them.

That means… You’ll need great designs that appeal to the people you are trying to reach.

The most cost effective way to get these great designs and strategy is an affordable design service that is still customizable.

…and that’s where “Canva for Churches Membership” comes in. We call it Church Outreach Academy.

When you sign up for Church Outreach Academy you get access to professionally created designs that you can edit with your free non-profit Canva account. (Don’t have one? Don’t worry… we will show you how to get one).

The best part is: you’ll get access to full kits that have already been resized to match all the platforms you need the design for saving you time and money. You will also get access to a learning community where churches like yours share ideas of what is working for them that you can gleen from.  

That means we all reach more people for Jesus!

You’ll get our Mother’s Day Kit right away when you sign up.

There are 2 looks to choose from and you’ll have all these resizes done-for-you in Canva. All you need to do is update your church’s info. Below is a list of what is included in a kit:

Screens 1920 x 1080

Poster 24in by 36in

Invite Cards (business card sized)

Social media posts (Instagram Portrait sized)

More kits are released regularly.

In addition to the dozens of kits already available, you’ll get access to the latest designs as we release them. Below are the kits you can expect with all the resizes you need. 

Small Groups Kit

Church Membership Kit

Baptism Kit

Serve Teams Kit

Easter Kit

Father’s Day Kit

Christmas Kit

Prayer & Fasting Kit

Plus much more

Modern Look

Classic Look

Canva for churches isn’t a cookie-cutter online design service. There are no upcharges for kits and you can cancel at any time.

We looked at what was available for design services for churches and found them to often be very expensive or very limited in options. So we had a crazy idea….

What if we could provide every design a church needs for the whole year from season kits, series artwork, social media graphics, and captions at a price every church could afford.

What if those designs were completely customizable in a design platform you don’t needs a degree for or costs hundreds of dollars.

What if there was a community of pastors and churches that could learn together better strategies and methods for reaching more people.

We didn’t want something cookie-cutter…

And we didn’t want it to only be affordable for large churches.

We wanted another way…

Another way to create custom designs that are easily editable for people that are not designers. 

Another way to resource church to reach those unreached people in their community. 

Another way to be in community that is built around denominational and network boundaries.

That is why we created the Canva for Churches Membership.

It’s perfect for you if you are looking for professional designs that are effective in promoting your church OR revamp your look on social media and have a simple strategy for growing your church.

Our design kits are…

90% done for you

We create professionally design templates for churches that download directly to your FREE Canva Pro Account

10% done by you

So all you have to do is easily edit the text to match your churches information. Or you can edit the color scheme and change the look.

100% Custom

When you spend 3-5 minutes on the design template you can change out the series title, information text, and color scheme and not look like any other church… 100% you!

Our clients use the design kits to…

Turn ineffective church outreach into methods that actually work and actually grow their church.

Save up to $1,000- $50,000 in design services or staffing and use that money for other staff or outreach to grow their church. 

Save thousands of hours in time by using professional templates that are already resized and spend that time with family.

How the Canva for Churches Membership Works


Part #1

Get your free Canva Pro Account.

If you don’t already have Canva pro, you’ll learn how to get your free Canva Pro Account for free by watching our training to show you how.


Part #2

Start customizing our Canva templates. 

Download the design kit you want from our library. We have videos to show you how to easily edit the designs with your church’s information for your holiday, series, season, and social media needs.


Part #3

Coaching Community 

We will have regular video coaching calls to coach, train and answer your unique questions about how to be more effective in our communication and outreach.

With the Canva for Churches Membership you can save more money & grow your church – while giving your family your best

Introducing the Canva for Churches Membership

Use Canva templates created by professional designers that look amazing…

…and reach WAY more people in your community saving hours of time each week

Here’s what you can expect:

Social Media Season Kits (value $1,200 for just 4 seasons)

Sermon Series Kits (value $3,000 for just 10 series)

Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas Kits (value $1,800)

One year of group coaching calls (value $2,000)

Printables Kits Connect Cards, Giving Envelopes, prayer cards (value $300)

Total Value $8,300

Price: Just $38 a month

Sign up today and save 50%… thats only $19 a month

For being an early adopter with us, you will have your membership at $19 for as long as you are with us. We anticipate the cost of the membership to rise as we add more kits and resources, so get in today for lifetime access at only $19 per month.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re either 100% satisfied with your purchase, or you can send one email anytime in the next 90 days and get all your money back… no questions asked.

Have Questions? We’ve got answers

Do I need specific software or anything?

Just Canva Pro. Which if you don’t already have go to our YouTube channel and we will show you how to get it for free.

What if I am not a designer, will it still work for me?

We designed this with you in mind! We have pastors with zero design experience easily edit our templates in minutes.

How will this grow my church?

We will show you effective ways to reach new people using the latest digital outreach methods with special events and regular Sunday services. We’ll show you an effective method for turning first-time guests into fully engaged members.

After I join, can I cancel my membership?

Of course. You can cancel anytime. At anytime if you don’t feel like the designs we offer are worth $19 a month, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Does Canva for Churches offer training for outreach?

YES! We want your church to grow, that is why we do this! We will provide coaching, strategy, and professional designs that actually work!

We’ll show you how to:

Create custom designs using our templates saving you time and money

Have a strategy built by growing churches design around the school calendar to reach more people

Spend more time with family as you utilize volunteers to do more in less time

Have a thriving life-giving church that is a pilar in your community

Sign up here for $38 a month (sign up today and save 50%… that’s only $19 a month)

Click below to get instant access.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re either 100% satisfied with your purchase, or you can send one email anytime in the next 90 days and get all your money back… no questions asked.

Canva for Churches Membership

For $19 per month, you’ll get the membership plan to access all our design kits & access all the coaching materials. You’ll be invited to our regular coaching calls on Zoom where you can ask specific questions. 

Cancel any time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Ask for a full refund within 90 days if you are not completely satisfied.

only $19
Comm Academy Membership
For $19 per month, you'll get access to the Comm Academy Membership which includes design kits & monthly group coaching calls.